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I had the pleasure of interviewing this wonderful person who not only is my sister in law but a tarot card reader. Her name is Kerry, she is a mother of three beautiful kids who I adore. Readings cards are something that has truly meant so much to her. she has been reading my cards for a while now and helping me understand things that happen in my life. I can honestly say with each card she has read to me they all have meant something and actually helped me in decisions I thought would be hard. Kerry’s readings are always private and very professional. She always looks forward to helping others when reading their cards. Kerry dedicates her time in providing an abundance of information and detailed breakdowns to what each card means to the person needing help or need’s the guidance of a spirit.

She has recently made some really great products on her Instagram page as well that help with anxiety and stress. Her page is full of information about your zodiac signs and what they mean. From life experiences to an answer from the spirits she is there to help guide you. Down below are the questions I asked and Kerry’s Answers. She answered them all with great information.

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  1. What can you tell someone who wants to do tarot card readings that you didn’t know when you started ?

I would tell them not to worry so much about what the guidebook says each card means. Do your research & come up with your own meanings for each card. Once you have the meanings memorized spirit will know what you think each card means to you & they will show you the necessary cards for each question that you ask.

  1. Do different decks of cards represent different things or are they all the same?

For me it works better if I keep all of my cards meanings the same. Because every deck has very different meanings for each card so I feel like that’s where it gets difficult. Tarot is very different for every reader & everyone has their own preferences.

  1. Being a tarot reader have you ever experienced a crazy card reading ?

Yes! I had someone come to me and ask me to pull cards regarding their fathers situation because he was in the hospital & I think there was an issue with his insurance. I began to shuffle & the death card flipped out of the deck. I didn’t like that especially with the question that was asked & the fact that he was in the hospital as it was. I put it back & shuffled again. It popped out of the deck again! I put it back and reshuffled. This time spirit knew that I couldn’t handle relaying that message. So 3 cards came out. One was about receiving news, the next was about illness & bed rest being needed & the last one was a card that referenced having to choose between to different choices. She called me within the week & said her reading came true. She received news from the doctors that his condition was worsening & they thought it was time to put him in hospice. She had to make a decision regarding him being in hospice in their facility or if he would do it at his home. He then passed a week later. That had to be my craziest reading so far.

  1. What is your favorite card signs?

One of my favorite cards is the ace of pentacles. I like this card because it is a sign from spirit that you will receive your 1st payment from a new job or hobby. It can also just signify money coming your way! Who doesn’t love to hear that? In the beginning when I began this whole tarot journey I would always pull cards for myself & I would always get the ace of pentacles. I took that as a message from my guides that this is what I need to do & that it will pay off & it really has!

  1. Have you ever had your cards read professionally?

No, I actually have not but I really would like to! I am so curious to see what comes up for me & what spirit wants to warn me about or just communicate to me. I always say “I wish someone could read me for a change” I plan to get them done soon.

I really enjoyed getting to know her and why she reads cards. She is budget-friendly as well so if you need a private reading go check out her page and introduce yourself. She takes donations as well so be kind in donating to her time and work. She is super helpful and very friendly. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help with something your not sure of when having your cards read.

Kerry’s Instagram

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I’m a Mother how about you?

Wow, I don’t even remember ever telling anyone my birth story so here it is.

I remember this day like it was any other day because I was home with my husband I was about 8 months and a few weeks pregnant with my first daughter I was about to go into the bathroom and I just told my fiancé I wasn’t feeling OK and I knew something was going on in my body so I told him to let’s go to the doctors to see my midwife so I can get a check-up just to make sure everything was OK with the baby. that’s when it all happened I went to the bathroom. I went to go Urinate and blood was coming down but not to much where it’s alarming. I felt a gush of water come down but because I using the bathroom and this being my first child I didn’t think of it being bad. I finished getting myself ready and we went to head out to the hospital.

My original birth plan was to have my daughter vaginally but that didn’t happen. When I got admitted and sent into the labor and delivery section of the hospital to have a sonogram the doctor looked at me and told me Marielli your baby is half empty in you. I looked at her worried and told her omg what does that mean. Apparently some of my water broke while I went into the bathroom and she was inside with only a small percentage of fluid left. Which could be fatal they told me Id have to be admitted. they were going to have to get that baby out today. It was August 10th late in the afternoon probably 3-4pm not quite sure the time. But all I could think was I don’t even have my baby bag or any important things for her when she comes. I was panicking and telling my husband I’m not ready. Who’s ever ready to have a baby unexpectedly my plan was thrown out the window at that moment because I know my daughter would be coming any minute now. I got admitted they gave me the IVs and it was time to push. It was already getting late, I was tired hungry and so over being in the hospital I just wanted to sleep.

I was so drugged up and tired from pushing. Now I was pushing the wrong damn way because I was drugged up on epidural and didn’t feel any pain that the baby wasn’t coming any time. The contractions were there but the pushing wasn’t working . 6 hours I pushed could you believe they had me pushing for that long to then tell me she won’t fit down my vaginal canal because I was too small. How in the world I said?! As big as I am. I’m a curvy woman there’s no way I said. There has to be a way for her to come out. They said to try again and if it didn’t work, that was it and they had to bring me in to get an emergency c-section because she had been in there too long. I was so anxious. I’m about to get something done I wasn’t planned for. I didn’t want to get cut open. I sat there getting prepped for a Caesarian. I read so many crazy stories online months before having one done. My fiancé now husband stood by me all the way. We had to get our baby out and this way the way. I laid on that cold metal table in a cold room half-naked being tugged at. My stomach was cut open, organs being pushed around. All I could feel was the uncomfortable feeling of pulling and tightness. They told me everything they were doing. my baby was comfortable in there. They finally cut my amniotic sac and took her out she was quiet. I got nervous. They started moving her around and cleaning her up and there it was. The beautiful little cry I wanted to hear. I was so relieved and so happy it was finally over with. I could hold my baby soon.

She was up and crying such an amazing little cry. I remember crying and being so happy to hear her cry and my fiancé holding my hand telling me I did it. She was an amazing 7lbs 2oz babygirl. Long and with little hair. I was in love with a beautiful baby me and my fiancé created together. She was perfect. We named her Sophia. After being stitched up sent to recovery my fiancé got to see our babygirl and tell our families about her and tell them we were doing just fine.

Girls make the world go round !

I then became a mom. To a wonderful little girl who would change my life. She just didn’t know it yet. We had such an amazing bond with breastfeeding. 16 long months to be exact. She is perfect in every way. Full of love and smiles for me and her daddy. Now even though my birth story didn’t go the way I planned it I am beyond blessed to have had a healthy little girl. Recovery took me about two weeks and I left the hospital in 3 days. Surprisingly the doctors were shocked I was moving around so quickly. I was amazed by how my body just gave birth to another life. I thank good I had a great amount of help at home to recover fully and be able to rest as much as I did. My stitches healed up nicely and quickly and I was back to moving a bit faster then the last past weeks. I felt so blessed to be able to be home in a quick time and be with my baby. She was growing amazingly and doing so great with feeding.

For all the moms who ever felt ashamed or felt sad because their birth plans didn’t work out this is for you. You gave birth to another human being. You are a badass beautiful person. Your body is amazing and so are you. You did an amazing job whether it was vaginally or not. Stay positive and keep your head up. You are healthy and so is your baby. That’s all that ever matters.

With love , UrAvgLatina 💓

Cancer ♋️ Astrology | What My Zodiac Sign Says About Me

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As a person who didn’t always believe in her zodiac readings growing up I am 100% that these readings I get every other day now by my sister in law are so true and can correlate with what has happened in my past,present and future of my life. I’m a Cancer. Born in July and one thing true is that I am a very passionate and emotional person. As a cancer here are things about me.

Element: Water
Polarity: Negative
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Moon
Ruling House: Fourth
Spirit Color: Violet
Lucky Gem: Ruby, pearl
Flower: Orchid and white rose

Being a cancer sign means I’m very emotional for a lot of things but I love the way I am because I wear my feelings on my sleeve and show them when needed. I’m an honest loving and giving person and always looks froward to helping other in times of need. I don’t always put myself first which I’ve learned to do over these past few years and learned to control my emotions as well. As much as I like being a cancer sign sometimes I feel like I’m a bit to emotional and I hate it. I literally cry over movies or even books I’ve read.

Some facts about me as a cancer are also :

I am : Protective, artistic, rebellious, loyal, lie detector, intuitive, self-conscious, sensitive, insecure, visionary, clingy, thoughtful lover.

Problems with a Cancer: I find difficulty in forgiving people when they betray or break my trust. I will snap without warning. It’s hard for me to forget someone with whom I have shared lots of memories.

when I am pissed off: My face tenses up and I avoid talking with people. I disconnect with people for the time being and prefer to stay in my own shell. I don’t stay mad for a long time.

My fears: I have the fear of losing and letting go of someone or something you really care for.

Things I like: I like to keep old things and remember all special occasions and events in life. I like family, home, and house parties.

After I had my kids I looked a lot into zodiac readings and tarot readings to see what they will tell me about my life. I’ve been through a lot in life so they really do help me figure things out when I’m in despair or having life troubles. If you’ve never had a card reading before you should check it out my sister in law Kerry @the.tarot.girl on Instagram does great readings. So check out her page! She’s reasonably priced and does daily readings on her page as well.

If you get your cards read by her let me know down below in the comments 💕

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Motherhood | You are not just a Mom, your you too!

(Book) The Kids Are in Bed – By Rachel Bertsche

I sat here reading this book and honestly crying inside because it’s all true ladies and gentlemen. We as parents lose who we are because we are parents. Everything is about your children and although that is not wrong when one becomes a parent. It can’t just be that. Am I right? We lose our sense of self having to talk, think and breathe our kid’s lives and all they do each day. Making sure they survive life. Teaching them right from wrong and making sure they grow up to be decent human beings. that right there can be overwhelming at times to the point where we don’t even remember the person we were once because our minds have been consumed by pampers,bottles and toys until they are old enough to care for themselves and move out of your home. Don’t get me, wrong people, I absolutely love my children with all my heart. I would do anything for them. But doing all for them makes YOU happy as well? Do you ever just sit and feel like is this day over yet? We survive the day and on to the next one. Because that’s just life.

I have two daughters and boy can I tell you that it is damn hard. My days don’t always get easy sometimes they consume me so much that by the end of the end I just want to shower and sleep because damn that’s my peace and quiet time for me. When it comes down to it I think I have this mom shit down packed. I’m 31 got pregnant at 24 gave birth to my first at 25. She’s now 6 she taught me a lot about being a first-time mom. Things weren’t always rainbows and sprinkles when I had her. I breastfed for 16 months. Man, that was rough. She’s a first-grader now. It’s even harder. Homework… what’s that !? I laugh honestly because schools nowadays teach some other kind of crap I didn’t do when I grew up and I find myself looking up google for help. Google is my best friend. Sounds ridiculous I know. As much as being a mom feels amazing sometimes I just want to feel like me again. The person before the mom’s life. The nerdy, free spirit person I was. Enjoying my days and nights with friends, which by the way is like never because once you have kids people truly show you their true colors. It’s the truth. Sad but true.

I feel like as a mother we don’t get all the appreciation we deserve. We work so hard to keep our home clean, our kids fed. Our husband’s happy in every way. Now that I can honestly say isn’t always the case. Your home won’t always be as clean as you want it to be and you won’t always have a full fridge and things won’t always be easy between a husband and wife. But you learn and grow from things like this and you do it by surviving. Surviving life. I know as a mom sometimes things are overwhelming and things get a bit stressful between your kids and your husband and your life, in general, are you going to make it through and yeah your mom but you’re also human so take it easy on yourself have that cuppa coffee! when you need to take a minute to breathe do it and just have a relaxed day for once. Don’t overwork yourself out. – wise words from my husband.

Have a blessed day mama’s ❤️ – UrAvgLatina

Anxiety | How it affects me being a Mom

Hey Everyone, it’s been a rough few days but I wanted to get this post up. .I’ve been dealing with my own health issues and life itself I can admit I didn’t follow my own rules from time to time. Things get rough and being a mom isn’t always fun. Mentally I feel drained at times and just feel like when Is the day going to be over so I can get some sleep or quiet time. Is that so bad? I mean we moms do so much for others we forget about ourselves at times and that’s not good. Sometimes we have to forget the laundry, dishes and cleaning up and really just sit back and don’t do shit for the day because it’ll be there tomorrow right ??

I feel like my anxiety really kicks in when my toddler acts up. I feel like I’ve lost control and she just dips her lid and goes off with a tantrum and then I’m there stuck trying to fix things and be a good mom but in reality, I’m really crying inside because of 1. I have a migraine now & 2. She’s screaming her head off and I’m exhausted from hearing her yell. Sometimes I cave and give her what she wants and it doesn’t make things any better but then I’m like shit what is that teaching her so I take it away and sit and talk to her about what she’s done. She hates it, screams some more and then asks me nicely. I’m like okay maybe we’re getting somewhere now?

Do you ever just feel like so much is on our plates that by the end of the day your like F this and just do whatever YOU want because we’ve done so much the whole day for everybody else the night is the only time you can really be at peace with yourself because everyone is sleeping and not calling you mommy every 5 minutes? Yeah, that’s how I feel at night. I’m taking my time in the shower actually washing my body is the correct way, not the mom why you know, in and out with soap still on your ass. Days like those when things are hectic and crazy I have such bad lent breakdowns I cry and just feel so alone. I question my own motherhood and say am I really a good mom if the kids are fighting 24/7 and I don’t give them all the want? Or because I’m yelling at them.

It’s hard. Hard as hell to be a mother. A stay at home mother at that. I miss working at times and being free and making my own money, don’t get me wrong my husband provides us with all we need and want but sometimes being a woman and making you earn your won money from working hard makes us feel accomplished and I miss that feeling. Like yeah, I worked 50 hours and made a big ass check to spend on things you like. (me and my thoughts haha) but growing up and having kids makes you realize that’s not always important it’s the quality time with the kids that’s more than being out there working a full-time job. I’m lucky enough to be able to see my kids all day and be an actual mom to them.

Now for the busy working mamas out there, I give it to you all. You bust your butts for your families and that’s amazing but that’s not how I grew up. I can’t have a nanny watch my kid that gives me anxiety already thinking about it with all the crazy stuff you see on T.V I love my kids too much to put them in daycare. It’s way too costly too. Honestly, I think the best thing a mother can do if possible stay home with your child. I’m just saying from my own experience. If it comes down to that you can’t work because of personal reasons, trusting others or you just choose to not work at the moment then you do what you need to for your children. In the end, it’s all up to the parent no one can decide what you’re gonna do with your life or what you do with your children because everyone’s situation is different and no one is alike. 

Thank you for reading.

Do what works for you. Don’t ever let anyone judge you or your situation!

Xo. UrAvgLatina 💕

Mom Sanity | How to Keep it in check

Today I’m talking about Sanity. How you should keep it down when under stress and how I keep mine in check when I’m having a crazy and stressed day. Mothers are the type who work 24/7 and don’t get paid for it.. of course only in kisses and hugs from our kids. But honestly, sometimes life and being a mom can get overwhelming. We do everything for everyone and never get to fully have a day to use. When I’m having a stressful day and feel like I’m losing my shit I sit down in the room locked and just cry it out. Honestly, it helped so much to just let everything go and have no one bothering me or asking me for anything. My kids can be in the other room going crazy and knowing I’m just getting a second to breathe really keeps my stress levels down. I love to do face masks and do some skincare facials on days when my skin is stressed from all the stress I’m dealing with these are more quick ways to just focus on me while I’m out the shower or before bed.

I can admit I can get a bit overwhelmed with much. I’m home often alone and with my kids tending to there every little need. And although I love being a mom it gets tiring and my body and mind need some TLC and some sleep. I mean a full 8-10 hours. Haha. If only. Another way is to write it out. Literally right down how your feeling each day and the end of the week see how far you’ve come. Having less stressful days and feeling at peace with yourself really makes me feel like I’m getting my crap together and not going crazy with everything and everyone else. I love keeping a spiral notebook by me and writing my thoughts before I go to sleep that way I can let everything go and sleep peacefully.

I feel like at night if I don’t get my thoughts out I have more trouble sleeping than anything and doing this really helps me get my thoughts and my anger out on paper. if I’m stressed during the day with my kids or my husband or whatever we’re dealing with at home together I feel like it helps me alleviate some of that off my back. so doing this really helps me feel at peace when I’m sleeping and just makes me feel like the next day will be a better day than it was today. Another way that I like to alleviate some stress is by talking to a close friend or family member of what I’m going through just to get some of that advice and maybe their insight on things that I can do to just get my mind off of things that I’m dealing with. 

I like joining Mom groups either on Facebook or Twitter and being able to talk to other moms about what you’re going through and feel like you’re not the only one dealing with this is very helpful. You never know you can wind up making friends that way or build bonds and relationships with other moms in your area and have play dates. I’ll link down below some mom groups I’m on Facebook. 

Mom’s Support Group

The Mom Life Suppprt Group 

You can join these groups by answering the questions and you’ll be able to join.

I hope some of these Tips or ways I help with stress help you. If you have good ways to help you be stress-free and give yourself some love let me know down below.

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